December 01


This is a Love Letter to Architecture

Architecture is a rich and beautiful symphony of skills.
Similar to a film production - there are many people who work hard to make the vision become a reality. Even though the director may have the vision - ultimately it takes a team of skilled experts to come together and make something amazing.
From design to creation - an idea compounds and evolves. It starts with a sketch and slowly becomes something tangible. Talented people solve many problems along the way. Some are incredibly relevant to today’s needs - while some problems are taken on to ensure a richer and safer future.
Architects and engineers. Landscape architects and urban designers. Construction workers and specialty trades. Real estate brokers and financers. Furniture specialists and artisanal crafters. Lighting design and acoustics. Space planning and sustainability. Accessibility and wayfinding - and so many more.
This podcast is about those people.
It’s about their stories. It’s about the unique paths they’ve taken and ideas they have that shape the built environment.
This is a love letter to architecture.

About the Host

Hey there, I’m Alex! I run an experiential graphic design studio based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. You can check that out here. I have a background in architecture and community design and a deep love for all things design. You can find my social accounts below.

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