Architecture is a complex topic. As the profession grows, so do the many different avenues that support the field. I’ve had many meaningful conversations with so many talented people and always wished I could share those chats with my colleagues. This podcast is meant to capture the energy and excitement that comes from deep discussions with practitioners that work to shape the built environment.
Malcolm Gladwell is credited for popularizing the concept of “10,000 hours.” While the core meaning has been greatly oversimplified - the fact remains that mastery takes a lot of time. A path to mastery thus requires a support network. Support from mentors. Support from teams. Support from our communities. The only way we can move forward and become better stewards of the people we serve is by supporting the design community at large.
The goal of these interviews is to help people have better conversations in their respective practices. Complex problems cannot be solved with simple solutions. Instead - we can learn how to frame problems and create fruitful conversations across disciplines.

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Hey there, I’m Alex! I run an experiential graphic design studio based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. You can check that out here. I have a background in architecture and community design and a deep love for all things design. You can find my social accounts below.

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