December 01
The One Skill that will Get You Hired as an Experiential Designer

The One Skill that will Get You Hired as an Experiential Designer

E03: A conversation with Jemma Radick, experiential design director at IA Interior Architects. We discuss breaking into experience design, preparing a portfolio, and the skills she looks for when hiring.
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Terms & Definitions
Construction administration (CA) - The fifth and final phase of a standard architectural project. Learn more here.
Submittals - Official documents used during construction administration to verify that materials, dimensions, and specifications are aligned with the design intent. It is a tool used alongside RFIs (Request for Information) to track changes after the design documents have been issued. Questions are tracked via RFIs. Submittals are sent because they require review/approval before teams can move forward. Both are documented and saved so that there is a paper trail for all parties to reference which decisions were made.
Upskill Your Knowledge
Plans, Elevations - Different types of orthographic projection used to communicate complex 3-dimensional objects on a 2d plane. These drawings omit perspective/distortion so objects can be expressed with true measurements. Software like CADTools gives Illustrator the ability to create dynamic objects to draft, annotate, and dimension drawings.
Hungry For More?
There is so much information out there. Depending on where you start, there is always much you can learn. Here are a few of my favorite places to look.
Foundational Architecture
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Advanced Architecture
Learn to Build Stuff (By watching people build stuff)
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